Our Founders

Carel Bekker

President, Founder

Carel started his career as a software engineer and soon after transitioned into the business world. He loves technology and always will have a strong bias for cutting-edge business opportunities. Carel believes a successful business starts with caring about your employees. In turn they will make your customers happy and ultimately this will make you profitable.

Carel has his Solutions Architect Associate and Developer Associate Certifications from AWS.

Stefan Bekker

Director of Operations, Co-Founder

Stefan is a filmmaker turned Solutions Architect. Technology being the foundation of any succesful production, Stefan has always had a close eye on the trends in the tech world. As such, becoming increasingly excited by the emerging markets being created by AWS, Stefan left film behind to co-found Afonza.

Stefan has his Solutions Architect Associate and Developer Associate Certifications from AWS.

Who We Are

Afonza is a managed web services company. We offer tailer-made solutions for businesses that need reliable managed cloud infrastructure. As an Amazon Web Services partner, we can offer highly redundant and scalable solutions. We worry about the finer details of cloud computing to give you the flexibility to do what you do best.

We can fully manage your cloud environment, including more traditional LAMP Stacks, databases, storage, and even serverless applications. In addition to our full service management, we also offer consultation on migrating your organization’s existing infrastructure to AWS, or further optimizing your AWS environment, delivering wholistic and robust support for your businesses’ AWS needs.

We are very against predatory agreements that lock in start ups to services they’re not sure they’ll need in the long run. Because of that, our services work month to month. If you get bought out or if your idea does not take flight, you aren’t on the hook for any contracts or extra monthly service fees. In saying that, what are we being compensated for? Three things: Security, Up time, and Future Scalability.


Having anything based on the web will paint a target on your back. We will be setting up policies and firewalls to make sure that your Web App is not vulnerable to attacks and can withstand common online threats like: Cross Site Scripting, SQL injection, or Brute Force DDOS attacks. We also monitor and check your Server for Malware (viruses), making sure anything found will be taken care of in a timely fashion.

As an AWS customer, your organization will benefit from data center and network architectures built to meet the requirements of highly security-sensitive organizations. Your organization will also have access to the tools and services that enable you to achieve a better security posture than on your on-premises environment. AWS instances can scale up and down on demand, and by leveraging pay-as-you-go pricing, you can obtain the security you need without any upfront hardware investments. AWS enables you to keep your data safe, meet compliance requirements, realize more control over your environment, and increase privacy, all at a lower cost.


No server, big or small, is going to purr along perfectly 100% of the time. Servers need constant care and vigilance. As such, we set up down-alerts to notify us of anything that goes awry. We have a team constantly monitoring these alerts to make sure all problems are dealt with ASAP. Since we only have server level access, we ensure that all problems unrelated to your specific application will be resolved in a timely manner. We are also able to advise your developer if any apps you develop or deploy are causing abnormal loads on the server.


By launching your website on the flexible AWS Cloud, you can deploy your website in minutes. Reach your customers quickly, and as website traffic ebbs and flows, take advantage of elastic capabilities that the AWS Cloud is known for. You can scale resources up or down in real-time as your needs change, enabling a lean, adaptable infrastructure for your business. Automation capabilities can be enabled to leverage this elasticity instantly based on rules and volume thresholds that you can set and customize.  So, whether your website has 100 visitors per week or 100 million, you can provision what you need to keep your website running smoothly.