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AWS Managed Services

AWS, Amazon Web Services is your secure cloud services platform. It offers computing power, database storage services, and content delivery along with other functionality. If you are looking for increased flexibility, scalability, and reliability without the upfront capital expenses of a powerful network infrastructure, AWS is your pathway.

Here are 5 reasons to head for AWS managed services:


AWS is in the Cloud and it is secure.

You access these managed services in much the same way you log on to your e-mail server. With state-of-the-art access and user privilege management, and other safeguards, you get the security compliance you need to protect your personal and proprietary data.


AWS is fast to deploy.

With AWS managed services you can deploy your network and business infrastructure, depending on its complexity, in either minutes or a few hours. You never wait for hardware, and what was once a capital outlay requiring years to amortize, is now a predictable and budgeted monthly expense.


AWS is globally available.

With AWS you can access and deploy a reliable, globally available infrastructure. You can provide your customers a responsive, low-latency web experience, regardless of their distance from your server or their location. (Latency, by the way, is the distance in time between the keyboard stroke and obedient response of the computer. The lower the latency, the faster the service.)


AWS is cost-effective.

With AWS you pay as you go and pay for only what you use. Your website will become more cost effective and you won’t be paying for services you do not need.


AWS has multiple use cases. Some examples:

  • Your intranet site: AWS can host and help you build your intranet structure. Your intranet site can be the platform for sharing vital information within your organization, safe from prying eyes and unauthorized access.
  • Your public website: Your organization’s website is one of your most valuable means to communicate with current customers and lure visitors seeking your wares. Host your website on the AWS Cloud for fast, easy, and cost-effective customer experiences.
  • A web application. Web apps are the modern equivalent of formerly expensive out-of-the-box shrink wrapped (and costly) applications. Nowadays, web apps are the foundation of our modern internet. AWS is the perfect host to make your application flourish online.
  • Mobile Apps: AWS hosts mobile websites and backends so you can focus on core business concerns. AWS will be your server working behind the scenes to deliver the goods for mobile computing.


Where we come in:

Afonza is your Atlanta-based AWS solutions company.

We are your AWS Partner team with many years of cloud infrastructure experience.