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Infrastructure as a Service

Jump into the Amazon EC2 Sandbox and become a player with the AWS managed IaaS platform

Solidify your presence in the cloud with Afonza

Amazon cloud IaaS is the key

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) is the AWS cloud service model where Amazon hosts and looks after your network and data storage. IaaS becomes your virtual IT platform for running your infrastructure.

Your IT infrastructure competes in a costly game of technological leapfrog. For example, since 2003, Microsoft has released eight versions of its Windows Server operating system. As the operating software and user interface become more sophisticated, your hardware and legacy software struggle to keep up.

IaaS is the strategic IT tool to stay competitive in the world of ecommerce. The cloud has truly leveled the playing field and Amazon Cloud IaaS is the key to cost controls, scalability, and strategic focus. That focus is a result of relying on off-site IT experts to keep your infrastructure up to date.

Reason 1: Reduce your hardware usage and wasted storage space.

If your infrastructure is aging, it is time to phase out your eclectic legacy software and energy-consuming hardware. Also, think about all that idle and wasted storage space on your hard drives, not to mention infrequently used and no longer supported applications your IT folks are afraid to mess with.

Reason 2: Supercharge your server performance.

Amazon is the leading infrastructure as a service provider. With Amazon IaaS as your virtual server, you bring all your physical services together. You reduce the footprint of your data center and become far less dependent on isolated operating systems. When you bring your virtual server on line it is always ready—no need to boot it up. You have also freed up rack and wiring space and optimized what is left after virtualization.

Reason 3: You need reliable backup just in case.

The word of art is failover. It means that your mission-critical functions are restored immediately from a backup site when disaster strikes. Amazon IaaS does failover and restores your infrastructure quickly and safely when the unexpected happens.

Reason 4: Your energy expenditures need a better return on investment.

With IaaS you can redeploy your IT staff away from the minutiae of tweaking and troubleshooting to more productive, business-core endeavors. IaaS does not replace your IT staffers. It becomes a self-updating tool to make their jobs easier and their support more efficient (You could also give them a pay raise with the money you save!).

Reason 5: Free up your IT staff for more productive deployment.

Fewer servers and a lower infrastructure footprint mean less energy consumption and lower electric bills. Decommission a single 1U rack server and save an aggregate of $2,500 annually in energy costs, operating system licenses and hardware maintenance.

Also, you can take equipment capital expenditures out of your budget mix. The space you used for the expensive, energy-hogging equipment has been freed for more productive uses.

Leverage AWS EC2 with Afonza

What’s EC2?

Amazon cloud IaaS is the key

Read all about Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) on the AWS website. Essentially, Amazon EC2 has features that include virtual computing environments (instances) with preconfigured templates for your environment.

Among an array of attractive technical features, EC2 provides the security and virtual network isolation away from the AWS cloud. You have the option of connecting the isolated virtual network to your own as your virtual private cloud.

Why not go straight to EC2?

You can go straight to Amazon’s EC2 and spin up your own instance and call it a day. But what is the best way to configure and manage EC2? Are your applications scalable and fault tolerant? Are your security protocols in place? What about OS updates and patches? Is your database management the best it can be?

Afonza is your resource in coping with those troubling questions and challenges. We are your full-service partner to take advantage of AWS IaaS tools and services. Amazon AWS is like a sandbox. You can play there in a more focused, tailored way with Afonza’s fully managed IaaS service.

What Afonza’s IaaS service offers…

With Afonza consultation and expertise, you can leverage the complete flexibility of Amazon EC2. Those solutions are tailor-made for your application use-case. We manage your infrastructure security, as well as those pesky OS updates and patches. We look after and manage your database and ensure consistent uptime.

Afonza is both your consultant and agent. We help you figure out how best to use AWS by leveraging our technical expertise and experience. From that solid foundation we maintain the tailored infrastructure and custom solutions we create for you.

Specifically, with Afonza’s fully managed IaaS you get fast deployment. Your cloud infrastructure is up, running, and completely secure within hours (sometimes in just a few minutes). You jump into the cloud ready to compete. You never wait for hardware procurement or deployment.

The bottom line…

If it is time for you to increase your infrastructure’s presence in the cloud, Amazon’s EC2 is your solution. Reduce your overhead and IT support burden. Hire Afonza. We’re your IT team dedicated to the cloud so that your local team can be dedicated to your business.

Tell us about your AWS requirements and how we can help you virtualize your IT operation. Drop us a line. We’d like to get to know you better.

Where we come in:

Afonza is your Atlanta-based AWS solutions company.

We are your AWS Partner team with many years of cloud infrastructure experience.