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Microsoft Windows Server on AWS.

AWS offers a breadth of Microsoft services inside their cloud computing platform. In EC2 and RDS, you can take advantage of the Microsoft/AWS partnership by launching pre-configured Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server instances.

AWS is a Certified Gold member of the Microsoft Partner Network, while also creating Microsoft specific technologies and services allowing users to easily manage and maintain Windows based applications in AWS. With extended support options from AWS and Microsoft support and fully managed hardware solutions, managing Windows Servers has never been easier.

Easy to launch, easy to manage.

AWS provides a comprehensive set of management tools for your Microsoft Windows Server workloads. Preconfigured AMI’s with Windows Server installations allow for quick and easy deployment Windows on AWS EC2.

AWS can manage your licensing. No license? No problem! The hourly cost of an EC2 instance includes any licensing fees that would be necessary to start a Windows Server. Each AMI configures a secure Windows Server environment using the redundant EBS service to store your Windows Server instance data.

Creating a Windows Server on AWS has never been easier. The AWS Marketplace provides you with multiple AMI’s for different types of Windows Servers, all including a managed licensing option. All the while, you only for the compute capacity you use. Windows on EC2 keeps the best parts of your AWS environment, simplifying the Windows experience while keeping your TCO down.

NXTsoft - Rapid Windows Migration to AWS

NXTsoft is a secure data solutions software platform. NXTsoft’s products and services help businesses secure, connect, and optimize their data to maximize revenue opportunities, enhance profitability, and mitigate cybersecurity risk. Many enterprises and government entities struggle to manage data loads, networks, and data security. NXTsoft provides solutions to address those needs in the critical areas of Data Security, Data Connectivity, Data Optimization. NXTsoft offers secure, open APIs to seamlessly connect FinTech solutions to financial institutions facilitating real-time data sharing across all channels. Changing cores or other legacy systems to take advantage of new technology or make a branch acquisition extend your footprint? NXTsoft makes sure you stay connected with the legacy data you need to continue to operate efficiently and effectively through our unique approach to data migration and conversion.

The Challenge:

NXTsoft needed assistance to consolidate multiple Business units' data centers into AWS for simplicity and ease of management. NXTsoft was looking for an environment with "bolt-on" capabilities as NXTsoft grows and acquires new companies in the future. All environments had to be compliant with SOC2, ISO27001, and NIST 800-171 framework. Each business unit had unique requirements and needed to leverage a central directory to provide access to resources within AWS accounts. NXTsoft needed a rapid migration to AWS to replace end-of-life hardware and meet business goals. “Very well managed and coordinated project. Afonza is knowledgeable and professional. They met deadlines and even reached some requested milestones in advance of schedule.” said Will Blackburn, CTO of NXTsoft


Afonza facilitated the rapid migration of three business units’ Windows workloads to AWS from their on-premises data centers and existing AWS accounts. The new AWS accounts provided a central location and management platform for NXTsoft’s developer teams to leverage and deploy new AWS workloads consistently. It also allowed NXTsoft to remove aging equipment from its data centers and provide governing guardrails for each business unit in their AWS account by leveraging AWS Organizations. The new AWS accounts are security compliant with additional logging and monitoring enabled. Windows on EC2, VPC, AWS Backup, GuardDuty, and Transit gateway were among the AWS services deployed.

The Benefits:


Rapid migration to AWS with limited to no business interruptions.

NXTsoft was quickly and efficiently migrated into AWS with no downtime and easy user adoption.

A single cloud platform, AWS, to allow common access, and ongoing management of IT resources.

Leveraging a single cloud platform allows for easy management and auditing to ensure data security

Documentation of a repeatable, “bolt-on” process, to allow new company acquisitions to be migrated to AWS.

Leveraging CloudFormation and other automation scripts, additional business units can easily be added.


BluechipOne was founded in 2005 to help NCAA football teams find their “bluechip” players using technology and media.  Today, BluechipOne has played a role in recruiting the players for the last 12 NCAA national championship. And has expanded to bring “bluechip” recruiting to the military.

The BluechipOne team is a group of proven technology entrepreneurs and veterans that have built and managed some of the most successful technology companies over the past 30 years.

BluechipOne is building to change the face of recruiting with one simple belief;  every young person is a bluechip. Using precise, prescriptive and predictive technologies and processes, our organization will continue to deliver the best path to successful recruiting.


With the extensive reach of Blue Chip’s research and clients, the Blue Chip team needs quick and easy deployment methods. They need flexible and agile deployments that can be ready within minutes. In their industry, a quicker and more efficient time to market is everything. Each presentation may require new deployments, making these immediate deployments all the more necessary.


AWS is known for its improved “time to market” over other methods. The Afonza team was able to utilize the advantages of Windows EC2 instances with AWS to leverage BluechipOne’s sudden deployments. The AWS Systems Manager was also configured to help minimize the need for human interaction at a server level when maintaining and patching the Bluechip deployments. The use of Systems Manager helped their team when taking advantage of nimble AWS resource deployments, pushing for a more efficient deployment method of applications within a weekend for presentations the following Monday.

Supply Source Online

Supply Source has sought to provide the highest quality janitorial and foodservice products with the highest level of customer service and satisfaction in the Atlanta Metro area. They serve customers in many different sectors including restaurants/caterers, churches, assisted living/nursing homes, office environments, janitorial cleaning contractors, auto dealerships, and manufacturing/ industrial facilities. Supply Source distributes products from well over 200 manufacturers, giving their customers a wide selection of janitorial chemicals and supplies, foodservice disposables and smallwares, away-from-home towel, tissue, and soap products, and industrial safety supplies.


In having to handle large numbers of orders, it can become difficult for members of the Supply Source team to expand their workflow to one another. Supply Source needed a modern solution to grow their productivity effectively within their organization. This included having access to powerful compute resources at a low cost. These resources needed an aspect of agility that could constantly expand their computing resources within their organization, while also helping them add new features to their online ordering system.


Windows on EC2 allowed Supply Source to easily replicate and expand their infrastructure, allowing Afonza and their team to add new functionality and efficiency to their existing applications. The use of AWS Systems Manager keeps Supply Source’s environment up-to-date, minimizes points of failure without human interaction. This also contributes to the maintenance of their environment, helping Afonza maintain the “Golden AMI”, keeping relevant and redundant backups of the Supply Source environment ready to be deployed at any time if necessary. The power of AWS supported a higher level of business agility where Supply Source was able to increase their productivity with expansive compute power.

Microsoft licensing on aws.

Allow AWS to take care of your Windows Server licensing. You don’t need to look at bulky licensing purchase plans, launch Windows Server from the AWS Marketplace, and pay only for the compute capacity you need.

AWS offers licensing purchasing options as well. With their Gold Status membership of the Microsoft Partner Network, AWS is authorized to sell Microsoft software.

Already have Microsoft licensed software? Bring your licenses to AWS! Afonza can implement your favorite Microsoft software into your existing AWS environment or spin up a brand new one.


Save on production workloads with windows server on aws.

Let the cloud manage your large workload and licensing needs. EC2 allows you to only pay for what you need. With Windows licensing right out of the box, you don’t have to worry about large volume licensing. AWS can keep you from buying licenses in bulk, only adding fractions of a penny to the cost per hour of your EC2 instances.

Automatically scale your Windows Server applications based on demand. Afonza specializes in custom cloud solutions, creating secure auto-scaling groups for your Windows Server instances that keep your environment running smoothly. Watch as your cloud grows and shrinks with traffic, saving you money when you need less EC2 power, but keeping your customers happy with a system that scales to their needs.

Windows with afonza on ec2.

Working with Windows Server has never been easier. Afonza can help you and your company setup smart auto-scaling groups to help manage your infrastructure’s needs. Afonza can fully manage your Windows instances. With no need to worry about any hardware or software upgrades, and with automatic instance scaling, it will seem like your Windows environment runs all on its own. Afonza keeps your costs low while keeping your environment highly available. We offer expert AWS consulting specializing in these fully manage solutions.


 Managing the software and licensing for Windows Server can be a hassle, especially when you have to worry about the speed and availability of your application’s environment. Afonza is here to help you along your journey, implementing AWS best practice in EC2 for your Windows Server based needs. Allow us to manage your software and hardware for you, bring your own license to AWS or watch as the cloud handles Microsoft software licensing automatically.

Where we come in:

Afonza is your Atlanta-based AWS solutions company.

We are your AWS Partner team with many years of cloud infrastructure experience.